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The C++ database access library

This package is designed to allow for easy database access. It provides several "helper classes" which are used (directly or indirectly) by the dbAccess class, the only class that's instanciated directly by the user of this library. The following text should give you a brief overview; the respective documentation for each class provides a great deal more information (see the links at the end of this page).

While all this seems to be a lot of stuff to deal with, the only object the user has to create on his/her own is a dbAccess instance. All the other objects are created and destroyed "under the hood" so one doesn't have to worry about them. - Select the links below to read the more detailed documentations of the classes mentioned above.


Matthias Watermann
See also:
> dfg::dbField , dfg::dbRow , dfg::dbDataset , dfg::dbAccess , dfg::dbInterface , dfg::dbSQLite dfg::dbMysql .
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